Commissions - Totally Rubbish
Totally Rubbish

TOTALLY RUBBISH is a brand new art show where Michelle Ackerley and Nigel Clarke turn useless rubbish into amazing, useful stuff!
Viewers will be encouraged to see the things they might normally throw away not as rubbish but as a potential piece of art, the solution to a problem or as something that’s simply beautiful!
In each episode we show you great ways to prank your mates, solve someone’s recycling dilemma, meet extraordinary artists who use recycling in their work, create ‘Something For Nothing’ from a bin bag full of rubbish and see mini Nigel and Michelle conjure up a ‘Mini Make’ – something simple out of the things they have lying around.
Each episode also features our naughty animated graffiti vermin who create chaos, and our ‘Totally Famous’ artists who let us take a peek into their colourful lives. We end the show with a bang as we get to work ‘big scale’, with masterpieces on sand, in museums, junkyards and even cafes!  

Production Details

Title: Totally Rubbish

Format: 10 x 30 minutes
Target Age: 7-11 year olds



Beyond Distribution